10 Matching Pajamas For Couples That Aren't Cringe - Starting at $23 (2024)

Matching pajamas is such an effortless and fun idea to share with your partner. We've gathered some of the best matching pajamas for couples in 2023. Whether you're on the hunt for cute pajamas for yourself or want to coordinate with a partner, friend, or family member, we've got you covered. Lets get into it!

10 Cute Matching Pajamas For Couples

1. Etsy Christmas matching pajamas, Couple pajama set, 100% cotton

It's giving cool couple vibes. This pajama set comes in both mens and women's sizes! Such a cute color, and love the animal logo on the front.

If you love matching with your partner, check out these matching onesies for couples that are actually cute.

10 Matching Pajamas For Couples That Aren't Cringe - Starting at $23 (1)


2. SWOMOG Matching Pajamas Set Satin

10 Matching Pajamas For Couples That Aren't Cringe - Starting at $23 (2)

Family goals lol. This is great if you have kids and want to match with them too. This also comes in so many different colors and sizes. Reviews are also very promising. Someone said, Love these silky pajamas bought them for Christmas for our family. They are soft and very comfy. They fit perfect and I will be buying more colors. Recommend these for everyone. Great purchase.”

10 Matching Pajamas For Couples That Aren't Cringe - Starting at $23 (3)


3. U2SKIIN Couple Pajama Sets, Plaid Pajama Set for Men and Women Soft Warm Pjs Set

Cute and comfortable. Comes in a ton of different colors and prints. This set would pair really nicely with Christmas slippers.

10 Matching Pajamas For Couples That Aren't Cringe - Starting at $23 (4)


4. Plaid print pajama set, Brown Couple pajamas set, 100% cotton

Burberry dupeeeee. One person left a review and said, “Super nice quality, good weight, very comfy to sleep in. Good seller who I will buy from again.” You can wear these with a cute pair of Ugg tasman slipper dupes

10 Matching Pajamas For Couples That Aren't Cringe - Starting at $23 (5)



This unisex set is $98 which is pretty good for SKIMS. Who says couples sets are just for the holidays? This color and print can be worn all year long. It's also made from breathable fabrics so you'll stay cool all night long. One customer said, “Absolutely love this sleep set, very warm, comfortable and cozy." Going somewhere snowy? Check out these women's snow pants that are form fitting and warm.

10 Matching Pajamas For Couples That Aren't Cringe - Starting at $23 (6)


6. SWOMOG Satin Matching Pajamas Sets Couple Silk Button Down

For all the cool couples. Over 600 reviews on Amazon. This is made from satin, so it's ideal for colder months to keep you warm throughout the nights. Comes in a ton of different colors as well. This seller on Amazon also has a lot of different styles in their store. Check them out! These are also great pjs for petite girlies. If you're petite, make sure to check out these petite sweater dresses that are 5'2 and under approved!

10 Matching Pajamas For Couples That Aren't Cringe - Starting at $23 (7)


7. Gisele TENCEL™ Modal Long PJ Set

10 Matching Pajamas For Couples That Aren't Cringe - Starting at $23 (8)

You can find the mens version of this here.Eberjay is known to have the best and softest pj set. Their pajamas are made from a Modal Jersey fabric made from a Tencel Modal blend. Tencel is a natural material made from sustainable wood pulp. It's naturally breathable and has a soft and supple feel.Expensive but worth it. If you need another reason to buy these, check out their reviews lol

10 Matching Pajamas For Couples That Aren't Cringe - Starting at $23 (9)


8. Silksilky Couple Pure Silk Short Pajama Sets Total 4Pcs

This set is 4 pcs for $179 and its 100% mulberry silk!! Looking for clothes to keep you warm this winter? Check out these cardigans for dresses to elevate your entire look. Do you have a girlfriend who loved tennis? Check out these tennis gifts for her starting at just $17.

10 Matching Pajamas For Couples That Aren't Cringe - Starting at $23 (10)


9. Sexqero Plaid Matching Pajamas

This item has picture reviews so you can see what it looks like on real people! Honestly not disappointed - check it out for yourself. One customer said. These were great for Christmas morning. Super soft and fit great!”Make sure to check out these ugly sweater dresses for the upcoming Christmas parties.

10 Matching Pajamas For Couples That Aren't Cringe - Starting at $23 (11)


10. Cotton Pajamas for Groom and Bride

Currently 60% off!! I've ordered from this Etsy shop before and had a really good experience.The seller responded to my questions super quickly and dispatched fast.You can also customize these with your initials or last name for extra. Going on a ski trip soon? Check out these apres ski sweaters.

10 Matching Pajamas For Couples That Aren't Cringe - Starting at $23 (12)



When considering the range of fabrics available for pajamas, the options are abundant.

Personally, I'm drawn to silk for several reasons. Its incredible softness and lightweight nature make me feel luxurious (if that makes any sense lol). Plus, its versatile properties mean it's suitable for year-round wear. Men particularly appreciate silk as it helps combat nighttime overheating, adding to its elite status.

Next up is cotton. It's a favorite for many due to its breathability, lightness, and hypoallergenic qualities, making it perfect for those warmer nights when a good night's sleep is crucial.

Then there's modal, the star fabric of Eberjay pajamas. People adore the softness it offers. Modal strikes the perfect balance—not overly heavy nor too light—making it suitable for year-round use.

For those eyeing silk but don't feel like paying such a hefty price, satin is a good alternative. It has a similar feel but at a more affordable price. Just be mindful; its slightly heavier and less breathable nature might lead to some nighttime sweatiness.

Ultimately, the choice of fabric boils down to personal preferences and individual needs!


Many people love personalizing their matching pajama sets. The options for customization are endless. My top recommendation is using Etsy—it's budget-friendly, and most shops there are highly dependable with customer picture reviews.

If you're uncertain about the specifics of your customization or the type of personalization you'd prefer, consider embroidering your initials on the bottom sleeve. Another choice is to have each of your names placed on the back of your pajamas. If that feels a bit much, a subtle option is to include your initials or name on the top right of your pajama bottoms.


Hopefully you were able to track down some pajamas that you and your significant other will love for years to come. If you loved, this read, make sure to check out these heated jackets for women to keep you warm this winter.

10 Matching Pajamas For Couples That Aren't Cringe - Starting at $23 (2024)


Why is everyone wearing matching pajamas? ›

It connects everyone.” It can also, she says, “level the playing field” for “blended” families: “It's a way of saying we are all equal.” The coordinated pyjama trend dates back to 1950s America, when shopping catalogues ran images portraying nuclear families in “mini-me” matching sleepwear.

How many pairs of pajamas should an adult have? ›

How many pairs of pajamas is considered a good amount? The ideal number varies, but having 3-5 sets of high-quality pajamas is generally recommended.

How do you pick the best pajamas? ›

Think about the way you want to feel in bed — warm and cozy? Cool and crisp? — and let that inform the material of the pajamas you choose. Sweaty sleepers should look for lightweight materials like cotton, linen, and bamboo. Cold sleepers will want heavier materials like flannel, merino, or wool.

How much pajamas do I need? ›

Most of us wear our PJs to bed three to four times before they end up in the washing basket. So, each week, you would need two pairs to see you through until your weekly wash. If you're someone who loves lounging around all day, you're going to need a few more pairs!

Why does my boyfriend want to wear matching clothes? ›

Many couples wear matching outfits to relay a message for a special occasion, like a baby or engagement announcement. Some couples just like to wear matching couples shirts as an inside joke. Wearing cute matching outfits shows others that you and your partner have a special bond.

When did matching pajamas become a thing? ›

According to fashion historian Debbie Sessions, matching Christmas pajamas for the entire family date back to 1957.

Is it okay to wear the same pajamas every night? ›

What the Experts Say. The experts at the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) have detailed a helpful guide for how often we should wash our clothes. For pajamas, they suggest washing them after three or four wears. That's about two pairs of pajamas a week.

Why we shouldn t wear the same pajamas for 2 days in a row? ›

Pajamas lie against your skin. If you wear the same piece of fabric over and over again, bacteria and dead skin cells can start to collect in your clothing.

How often should pajamas be washed? ›

On the other hand, Ahoni — as well as the American Cleaning Institute — suggests washing pajamas every three wears. “If you sweat a lot while sleeping, you may want to increase this frequency. Simply said, our bodies produce a lot of gross, stinky stuff that ends up on our clothing, pajamas included,” she says.

What pajamas do guys like on girls? ›

So here are some sexy little nightwear, that guys think about what you wear to bed.
  • An Oversized Tee.
  • Babydoll. Well, I can surely bet about a sexy babydoll, it is going to be that sexy sleepwear that makes you look all dressed up for bed. ...
  • Booty Shorts & Tank Tops. ...
  • Thong. ...
  • Fancy Slip. ...
  • Nighty & Robe. ...
  • Sheer Nighty. ...
  • Romper.
Apr 22, 2024

What is the best color for pajamas? ›

Understanding the Psychology of Colours:

Serene Blue: Blue is known for its calming and soothing properties. It promotes relaxation and can lower blood pressure and heart rate, making it an excellent choice for pajamas.

How many bras to pack for 2 weeks? ›

If you have unlimited suitcase space and don't want to do any laundry, a two-week trip means packing 14/2 = 7 bras and at least 14 pairs of underwear. That consumes a lot of valuable suitcase space! To reduce the number of pieces that need to be packed, simply commit to doing laundry on the road.

How many bras to pack for a week? ›

Your best bet is to pack three. Whether you're going away for a long or a short trip, remember you'll be doing laundry. Handwashing with gentle soap is best, but if you use a machine, make sure your bra goes in a garment bag; always air-dry, never tumble dry.

How many jeans should I own? ›

Considering these factors, a reasonable range could be around 3 to 6 pairs of jeans in your wardrobe. This would provide you with enough variety for different occasions, styles, and seasons without overwhelming your closet.

Who started the matching pajamas trend? ›

But many consider Hanna Andersson to be the company that popularized them, with CNN calling it the “OG brand to launch matching pajamas for the entire family.”

Why is everyone wearing Christmas pajamas? ›

This gives everyone in the house a sense of anticipation about the following morning. Wearing pajamas the night before also makes it easy to be ready for the festivities without any extra effort.

Why are people wearing pajamas? ›

Beyond comfort and temperature regulation, pajamas also provide a layer of protection for your skin. They can protect against mosquitos or other insects as well as irritation and chafing. Some pajama materials can even help prevent dry skin, adding another reason to the list of why people wear pajamas.

Why do people dress their kids in matching clothes? ›

Coordinating their clothes is a little way that I can give them a sense of belonging and identity in our family. It also lets the world around us know that we belong together. Plus having kids in matching outfits is just too darn cute!


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