10 Things The Cavinder Twins Can't Live Without (2024)

What's up GQ?

It's Hanna. It's Haley.

[Both] And we are the Cavinder twins.

And these are our essentials.

[relaxing music]

[computer beeps]

Okay, so we love sunglasses because one,

we are always in the sun, as you can tell.

[sunglasses clatter]

We love laying out and my eyes burn,

so I always have to have sunglasses on.

I think sunglasses, too, add, like, such a stylish look.

Even if you're, like, going out,

getting some groceries or something,

being able to like pop these on,

it, like, completes a good, like, staple

if you're just wearing like a chill look.

And then we'll try to coordinate, like, bikinis.

If it's more of a brown look, I'll wear like a brown shade,

or if it's all black, the black shade, try to match.


[upbeat music] [computer beeps]

It's pickleball with the family.

We just stopped playing basketball,

graduated from the University of Miami,

and we needed something to keep us active and busy

and pickleball, you guys, we are obsessed with.

We played tennis a lot versus my mom.

She has a tennis league

and we'd always go and watch her play,

and I was like, Wow, we love tennis.

But then pickleball started coming.

Yeah, it's very popular

right now. And we went

and constantly go play with my sister and her boyfriend who,

we consider him our coach. Our coach.

He's really good. His name's Coach Mike.

[computer beeps] [relaxing music]

One thing about Hanna and I, I'm the better cook.

I don't care. If you guys dunno,

I'm the better cook.

But we have, like, loved cooking.

I don't know if we're really good at it yet.

I think I like to say we are, but it's a hobby of ours.

Like it's a passion now.

It's like we send each other reels on Instagram.

Let's try this recipe. Let's try this one.

Obviously our oatmeal every morning though,

with protein powder and some peanut butter and fruit,

every day for the last, like, seven months.

Like it doesn't get old.

We should start doing nights where we cook for each other.

Okay, I like it.

So you do like a Monday night and I'll do like a Tuesday.

Taco Tuesday. Look at us.

And my quesadillas. We'll split it up.

[relaxing music] [computer beeps]

So the next essential is our family.

There's a picture of them.

We got some of a whole crew in here. This is in Vegas.

But we come with a big family.

We have three other sisters.

They're our best friends.

Seriously our biggest support system.

I think having a family and a tight-knit circle

and just growing up super close,

we always have each other's back.

Obviously we have each other, but having our family

as, like, our outlet and our best friends

and, like, knowing that they have our best interests

is such a big thing for us.

Exactly, and we'll always do group FaceTime calls,

at least like twice a week.

So we have like a group chat

and it's called the Cavinder Girls.

Sorry, Dad. [Haley laughs]

Dad's not in that one.

Say hi guys.

Only two of the sisters made it and Mama Cav. Natalie.

You guys wanna say hi? Don't be shy.

[Family Member] Hi.

[intense music] [computer beeps]

One essential that is vital to our mornings

is our devotional.

Hanna and I are very big into our faith.

So starting the day off right with the word of God

is something that we try to do

and prioritize, like, every morning.

And we'll always try to do wireless mornings too.

So like obviously our alarms will go off,

but I'll try to keep my phone there.

I used to immediately just grab my phone and start scrolling

and I was like, Why am I starting my day like this?

Like, I need to start my day with more happiness,

more things that are fulfilling, broaden my perspective.

And my mom got me a devotional actually last year.

This is my second one.

But last year then I kind of got really into it

and we'll just sit there, do our devotional together,

say our prayer.

Just like Haley said,

I think that if you make God the center of your life,

all good things will come,

and that's how we like to start our day.

[upbeat music] [computer beeps]

Probably my most essential is weights,

because it represents our health and fitness

and, like, our love

and our passion for it. Right.

We're very routine like people.

And I think that strength and conditioning

has developed so much more in our life

now that we kind of ended our careers with basketball.

Mmhmm. I agree.

I think that one thing

that we prioritize every single day is being active,

and we have a whole workout plan.

Legs, shoulders, arms,

everything all week long planned out for us.

So just staying in a routine, staying disciplined.

Hanna and I are very,

that's how we're wired best is being routine like,

and just being able to lift every single day

is something that, like, keeps us going.

Like, we prioritize that. Like, when are we lifting?

Even after this we're, Well, what are we're doing?

It's cardio dice. We're gonna go to cycle class but-

Nutso mommies for sure.

[intense music] [computer beeps]

One thing that Hanna and I love is our Oura ring.

We wear them all the time.

We used to be like huge fans of, like, Apple watches,

but then our agency, like, texted us and like,

You guys would love Oura Rings.

And we love them because they track sleep too,

which we try to prioritize.

So it tracks sleep, your activity level.

It'll give you a notification if you're sitting too long

and also your steps.

And Hanna and I try to get in 10,000 steps a day.

So we love, like, health and fitness.

So this is something that's very important to us.

We use it every day.

[relaxing music] [computer beeps]

We live off caffeine.

I do a lot of water before I drink caffeine though,

so I'll drink- True.

And so it helps me.

40 ounces of water before caffeine in the morning.

But we have an energy drink and coffee a day.

We try to...

Limit it. Limit it. We do.

But seriously, caffeine is what keeps us going.

Especially before a workout, too.

We either do pre-workout or an energy drink.

'Cause like, if you're in the gym,

you got some good, like, caffeine, you're buzzing.

Feeling good music. [Hanna laughs]

I'm telling you guys.

But yeah, Bucked Up. This one's good.

[relaxing music] [computer beeps]

[headphones click]

Music. Beat's a requirement.

You guys, it's an essential.

I think music is such a good outlet. Like, I realize it.

My favorite artist right now, I love, like, a wide range.

I love Rod Wave. Like, Rod Wave 24/7 right now.

But also Morgan Wallen. Start the day off.

I'm a country girl but I love Taylor Swift.

I just recently joined- She's a Swiftie.

the Swiftie crew. She's a Swiftie.

I understand the hype.

We're cooking, we're playing music.

We're working out, we're playing music.

Pickleball, playing music. So it's always there.

It's always gonna be there. We love it.

[upbeat music] [computer beeps]

Hydration. [bottles clank]

Hydration, you guys.

We definitely love our Stanley cups.

They were a graduation present,

and I think that we fill this up constantly.

It's a reminder.

We try to drink three of these a day. 40 ounces.

Yeah. And if we're not drinking water, we love Soul Juice.

We try to stay away from, like, a bunch of ingredients,

added sugars and stuff, and Soul Juice has only three.

It's Korean pear, lemon juice, and water.

So we like minimal ingredients. This is one of our faves.

Yeah. And it doesn't hurt our guts.

Like sometimes when I do, like, a lot of fake sugar,

or, like, dyes and stuff, they tend to upset my stomach.

But we're very into what what we put into our bodies,

like we said, and this is a great alternative, great flavor.

And it's not too much.

And you can put it into like a little wine glass.

We'll like do a little wine glass

'cause we won't drink during the week.

And then we'll put it in the wine glass and like, Cheers.

And, you know, it's just a great little bubbly.

[relaxing music]

Thank you GQ.

We hope you got to learn a little bit more about us

through our essentials.

See you later. See you next time.

[relaxing music ends]

10 Things The Cavinder Twins Can't Live Without (2024)


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