Smoky Eggplant Spread Recipe (2024)



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In the middle east this is known as Baba Ganouj. To achieve the traditional smokey flavor, always char your eggplant over an open flame; place in a covered bowl till cool (steam created will loosen charred skins). Use rubber gloves to keep your hands clean. I never use a food processor for this. Unlike hummus, it's better to preserve some texture. Mash with a fork. Be sure to taste and adjust amounts of lemon and tahini paste your palate. This recipe is very authentic in its ingredients.


I've made this a few times, and my hosts for an upcoming dinner party requested it again. It's easy and fun to make. I never knew that I enjoy charring eggplants, but I do!

Mary Beth

This is lovely and simple. I used Japanese eggplants and and did not skimp on the home-grown garlic. It is easy to halve the recipe.

Gwen in Northern Michigan

I add a little toasted sesame oil rather than olive oil. If you love the flavor of the sesame like I do this is a great option.

Rebecca Love

Thanks for this one. I made 1/4 of this recipe as I had one 14 ounce eggplant. I pureed it in the cuisinart adding the greens last so they remained shreds. Next time I'll cut them in with scissors. It was delicious and easy to scale down. I had one lunch on bread with tomato and one snack with corn chips. Just the right size for a single, hungry cook who doesn't much like leftovers.

Mary Jo

This mix was light and delicious. I also used Japanese eggplant and combined with one large regular one.
Skipped the mint - but will try it next time.
Also used ground cumin - too lazy to roast the seeds and grind. Still one of the best meals - simple and yummy.

Molly Gallucci

This was easy and delicious. My husband doesn't love eggplant but he wants me to make this again already. I added the toasted cumin to the food processor and blended it in for more heat. A great vegan dish!


Don't forget to pierce the eggplants unless you're curious to see what exploded eggplant looks like!


This serves a lot of people. I had two chubby eggplants, and so had to cut them in half lengthwise to get them close to the broiler. The flesh was a bit underdone but it didn't matter; the taste was still smoky. A real winner with guests. I'll serve it in a bigger bowl next time, and drizzle the olive oil. The amount specified pooled too much.


Absolutely delicious I have been making baba ghanoush for years and this recipe really stands out


I have a question - Anyone try freezing this for later use?


Instead of cayenne, I added a bit of chipotle in adobo. The smokiness of the chipotle accents the flavor of the charred eggplants. Also tried inserting some slices of garlic into the eggplant flesh before roasting and they mellowed and added to the overall flavor. When blitzing, I used fresh garlic for pungency. Delicious! 5 stars! Saving in the freezer to add to our Thanksgiving table.

Jessie Paul

This was great! I don't know if my broiler wasn't hot enough, but I wasn't getting much blistering on the skins so it ended up being about 25 min that I cooked the eggplants...despite poking holes, one of the ends exploded, too! They still turned out soft and smoky, though, maybe I will buy a grill one day. I just stirred some smoked paprika and ground cumin at the end and topped with olive oil and cilantro, which was what I had. Even tasted good the next day!


If, instead of a grill, I used a broiler to "blister and char" the eggplant until it is "completely soft", would I be missing out on flavor?


I love baba ghanouj. It’s an easy, tasty vegan dish from the Middle East. If this is your first time trying it, eat a dollop, along with hommous, falafel, salad, and pita. Tasty and healthy. I could eat that every day and not get tired of it. And If you need a drink to go with this, throw some mango and ice in the blender. Mmmm.


Don’t understand why it’s not listed as baba ghanoush or even mentioned in the notes…


Made this many times, first time commenting. It's easy. Delicious. Flexible. Was going to make ratatouille today, was craving this instead (yeah, it's that good). Best if you can char the eggplant over a charcoal grill (the smoky flavor is awesome!), but really good broiled in an oven, too! YUM.

mimi in sicily

This is a good recipe. I keep several heads of roasted garlic in the fridge and add several peeled cloves Instead of the raw garlic. The resulting garlic flavor is very smooth. Also I raise my own cayenne peppers which I dry and grind. Also a wonderful addition

Carol in Boulder

This is delicious but I found the raw garlic a bit strong. Next time I will may gently sauté the garlic first to soften the flavor.

Lee Ellman

I know it is a sin, but it tastes really good to just use the eggplant, garlic and mayonnaise in place of the lemon juice, tahini, herbs and spices. Very different from anything authentic but nonetheless very good.


Excellent. Make this often.


I found out that yogurt can replace the tahini if you don't like it or like me, forgot to buy more at the store! It was still tasty.

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Smoky Eggplant Spread Recipe (2024)


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